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When they come into your town, your city, and stalk your children, will you still think they are so wonderful? They aren't the nice little doggie down the street.Wolf-lovers have a very unrealistic view of wolves. There are some very valid arguments on either side of this issue, (and a lot of unnecessary name calling!The current Wyoming wolf management plan states they will manage for a least 150 wolves.Related Links Nature: Clash: Encounters of Bears and Wolves Defenders of Wildlife: Wolves Earthjustice: Wolves in Danger Greater Yellowstone Coalition: Return of the Wolf National Park Service: Yellowstone National Park Wolf Project NRDC: Posts about Protecting Wolves Save Elk: The Facts About Wolves US Fish & Wildlife Service: Gray Wolf in Northern Rockies with State Wolf Plans Commenter: Aaron I thought the Idaho Hunter's comment about nature can't be in balance unless humans hunt was quite amusing seeing as though elk, deer, or whatever big game animal you are hunting was being preyed on by the wolves long before Europeans knew that there was land out west.

I do agree that human populations are growing and diminishing habitat for other species - and not just wolves, but all kinds of animals.I also would rather see wolves running free and hunters upset about less game because now-a-days how many people really are subsistence hunters?I understand the ranchers concerns but hunters I do not agree with at all they can put they're guns away and go out with a camera and shoot nature that way.Commenter: Kadah Wooley Mammoths were here before us, too.Maybe we should "reintroduce" their closest relative: the elephant.

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