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No web page, forum post, blog, comment, suggestion or email response should be construed as counseling, therapy, legal, or other professional advice IN ANY MANNER WHATSOEVER.As such, in consideration for using the service of Love Stories.com, you hereby RELEASE Love (and any of its officers, directors, or representatives) from any liability for any decision you might make in your life.Classical Chinese poetry has proven to be of immense influence upon poetry worldwide.

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Despite their commendation by Confucius, there are no extant samples of any poetry of this style made within the next three hundred years.Some individual pieces or fragments survive in other forms - embedded, for example, in classical histories or other literature.The literary tradition of Classical Chinese poetry begins with the Classic of Poetry, or Shijing, dated to early 1st millennium BC.The Han Dynasty poetry is particularly associated with the fu, as opposed to the shi style of poetry or literature: note, however, that this fu is a different word than the fu meaning government bureau in the term yuefu (sometimes spelled Yüeh Fu, or similarly).Jian'an poetry refers to those poetic movements occurring during the final years of the failing Han Dynasty and continuing their development into the beginning of the Six Dynasties period.

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