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(Please note: this world also devalues free-flowing, emotional discourse from a woman unless she’s also funny AND sexy. How can we make enemies of people we want to get dirty with, and get love from, and make babies with? Those filthy, simple-minded, government-bungling ball-scratchers. If you’re not super fucking hot and funny first, you can go fuck yourself, ladies.) Kanye isn’t perfect, but you pretty much either love him and think he’s a genius and then he makes some sense to you, or you don’t get it and he seems crazy. Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) analyses risk for a living and is an extremely cautious man, with an extremely cautious life. Polly isn't too big with long-term relationships, whereas Reuben swears by it. But when Lisa comes crawling back to Reuben, he is forced to make a decision.When he marries Lisa (Debra Messing), everyone considers them the perfect couple, as they are well suited to one another. He returns to New York and bumps into Polly Prince (Jennifer Aniston), and they begin dating, despite being very different. Who will it be, the free-spirited Polly, or Lisa, with whom Reuben shares a lot in common?Polly, My question is a simple and boring one: How do I find love? And, more importantly, how to I cultivate self-esteem? He sounds that way because he’s an artist with great ideas who not only lives in a racist world (Go read this awesome essay by Cord Jefferson on the subject) but who also lives in a world that isn’t all that appreciative of someone who delivers a passionate, angry response to his critics. Your half-assed shit still stinks.) And you know what?

Cause I can’t leave it to you.” Write to Polly and let’s get too high again.

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See more » Along Came Polly is not a masterpiece in the rom-com genre, but I did enjoy it, and although the humour is sometimes gross, it does make you laugh.

However I would not consider this to be one of those movies to watch again and again.

A one time watch, or just once every so often is good enough.

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