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The second of the two solutions, applying the Xml Root attribute to the web methods return type, will resolve the error, however, this requires recompilation of existing web service assemblies. Create Instance() method to create instances of a given type, the type must define a public default constructor. NET 1.0, the Activator does not raise an exception when creating instances of Arrays (which has a private default constructor), however, this issue has been fixed for . Missing Method Exception ("No parameterless constructor defined for this object") exception as expected. Create Instance() method can be used instead of Activator.

Many victims of the 419 scam do not have English as a first language and their judgement could have been clouded by these official looking websites - which seem to be introduced once a victim has taken the bait.Looks like the Amsterdam police missed one in their recent raids! I notice that the registrant of the domain name uses an American address and an anonymous e-mail contact address. Standardtrust Securities, 14/16 Wellington street, Birmingham United Kingdom. Since this note first appeared the street name has been corrected but there is still no building number (and guys - Berkely Street is not in the W1J postcode area! Could there be any relationship between this august financial institution and the advance fee fraud criminals?British Investment Trust Bank" which (had) a website which talks about customer security and uses pictures of tourist sites in London to underline its respectability and status. As of 18th July '03, both of these websites are unavailable.They used to fax but they have now discovered e-mail and can reach more potential marks.As ridiculous as these approaches seem, innocent people occasionally fall for them.

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