Private dating scan leeds

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He recalled: “A member of our team set out to simply capture all the wifi signals in a well-known coffee shop in Leeds, to see what we could discover.

He said: “Nation-state attacks tend to be on infrastructure, like utilities and other services.

With an average of 117 attacks every month, 20 per cent of the assaults on the force’s frontline staff resulted in injury.

Chief Superintendent Mabs Hussain, of West Yorkshire Police, said: “The emergency services are the people who head into danger when everyone else is running away and sometimes it can be forgotten that each firefighter, police officer or paramedic is also someone’s mother, father, daughter or son.“Attacks on emergency service personnel not only put the individual themselves at risk but also the wider public, particularly if it requires the crew member to finish duty and receive medical attention.

He said: “It’s a call out to say these types of attacks can occur and there are lots of things you can do to protect yourself.“Attacks do take place in Yorkshire and the Humber, but luckily we’ve got quite a good level of skills to be able to tackle some of those.”A number of Yorkshire firms are doing their bit to thwart cybercriminals of all sizes.

The Leeds-based technical marketing agency has expanded its services into cybersecurity by releasing a Cyber Scanner service.

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