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The usual kind of terms which threaten to be politically incorrect are those related to religion, ethnicity, gender or sexuality.

So even if you are free to specify what kind of partner you are interested in, make sure that you don’t end up offending people who are not your type.

And as every dating portal never tires of reminding you, an effective dating profile begins with a great headline. The headline is the first thing a potential partner is going to see while browsing for suitable profiles which is why you need to fashion it in a way so as to attract their attention rightaway.

However, while in real life you could depend on a face-to-face chemistry to make that instant connection, when looking for partners online you need to put a great deal of thought into how you want to appear to a potential date.

By all means, a less weird and more funny product of the same strategy (something like "Beware the Monkey apocalypse! " Stay away from anything resembling what you'd expect to read in a newspaper personal ad or a boy band song title; in fact, if something seems like an obvious choice it's probably too obvious.

") could work, but only if the rest of your profile and your real life persona match it in terms of cookieness. When creating your profile, you want it to convey a coherent and attractive personality.

So keep your profile headline brief and to the point since short and sweet works best here.

Avoid using negative terms While you may wish to stand out from the crowd of potential partners with a colorful headline, be careful to avoid words and phrases which may come across as distasteful or downright offensive to some people.

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