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And Item Added: So, when use class SPField Lookup Value, in Item Adding event Lookup Value equal to null (in . Category is not required field, what if we leave it blank?In Item Updated event as you may know we will have both lookup Id and Lookup Value. Not surprise that we can see something like this (Item Adding): And in Item Updating: So, if you didn't specify lookup, it equal to null or string.empty depending on using .In a Share Point list after you are done with enabling content approval and creating an OOTB approval workflow, you might experience a strange behavior during the approval process. Every time the workflow task is approved, it triggers a Item Updated event which in turn starts another instance of the workflow…So the item remains pending even after the approval !(After the workflow instance completes another instance is started because of the item updated event triggered by the workflow approval. The reason for the difference in behavior is the way the workflow setup is done for the list and document library.I was searching through the web for a solution then I came across this site. I made a mistake in the XML that provisions the files to install with the feature for my page layouts.My problem was an incorrect value in the attribute for the content type ID linked to my installed page layout.

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When we try to add new item in "Software" list in Item Adding event we can see: Where "18" is an Id of category.

Change your path to “C:\My CSharp Project Documentation\My Help File.chm” and it will work.

Filed under: Uncategorized | Leave a comment » You might receive an error “This item cannot be deleted because it is still referenced by other pages”. Today I ran into an error while creating page layouts using a feature.

Recently I was playing with synchronous item event receivers and lookup fields and found some interesting behavior in different situations.

I'll try to describe some pitfalls that I faced when develop item receivers for Share Point. When you try access to a lookup field in such events as always contain only lookup Id, if you want to get lookup value you must query item by id.

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