Research on dating in the workplace

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Office romances are generally not recommended, but they happen all the time, and when they do there are usually three possible outcomes.

It was a bit exhausting, so I was somewhat relieved when Tyler got a new job elsewhere.

In addition, the better the workplace relationships, the better informed people were about workplace issues and the more satisfied they were with their jobs.

Given these findings, grad students should feel free to make friends in their research labs, experts say, but they should be thoughtful about the boundaries they establish.

We go through the same struggles and understand each others' challenges and hurdles." But workplace friendships can have drawbacks, according to research by organizational psychologist Rachel Morrison, Ph D, of the Auckland University of Technology.

In one study published in 2007 in the , Morrison surveyed 445 workers representing a large variety of industries.

"If it's a good decision, and your friendship is functional, your friend might be disappointed but will understand," she says.

Putnam is wise to try to walk the line between supervisor and friend — research shows that workplace friendships can increase job satisfaction, productivity and job commitment while decreasing stress and turnover.

However, research also suggests that some workplace friendships can cause problems.

"You never know who these people will be in the future," she says.

But for about a year we sat three cubes apart from each other and kept our relationship under wraps. Meanwhile, about 5% of workers who have had a workplace romance say they have left a job because of an office relationship gone bad.

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