Romantic dating during the 1940 s

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Yet once guests lock themselves away behind their doors, there is a sense of privacy that borders on anonymity.

When a star has the kind of fame that De Niro has had for almost 40 years, this is the most luxurious service a hotel can offer.

The interior displays a gracious incongruity; there is a soft masculinity about it. Comfort has been behind the choices I’ve made about this hotel.

It sounds as if I’m describing De Niro himself, who sits down opposite me in the hotel’s guests-only Drawing Room, in a worn leather club chair. Of course, Ira had a lot to do with the look of the place too.” Ira is Ira Drukier, a partner in the project along with Richard Born of BD Hotels and De Niro’s son Raphael.

Maybe it’s the built-in drama of lobbies that so many celebrities find seductive about hotel life.

These spaces are both public and private; they are stages of sorts, places to see and be seen.

Ten cabanas, six villas, and a cottage set in the jungle of the Maya Mountains. Formerly a dairy (dating from the 1850’s), and saved from condominium development by the actor in 1986.

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Those investments include the Tribeca Film Center, as well as Tribeca Cinemas (which has hosted his annual film festival), and Nobu and Tribeca Grill restaurants.

Near Mount Timpanogos, Sundance was purchased by Redford in 1969.

The music mogul is rumored to have bought a lot on 22nd Street in the Chelsea neighborhood late last year in order to build a high-end hotel.

“Bob is a little more classic, and Ira tends a little more toward the modern.” Drukier elaborated: “There is an organic feel to this place as opposed to a slickness, which has a lot to do with Bob. He attended the Little Red School House on Bleecker Street, and later—at his mother’s insistence, after he had dropped out of school at 13 and joined a street gang in Little Italy—enrolled in the La Guardia High School of Music & Art, and Performing Arts. So how would his parents—his mother died in 2000, his father in 1993—feel about his becoming a real estate investor in Tri Be Ca?

“I have that side of me as an artist that is unpredictable.

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