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Being able to accept who you are is an important quality.Once you learn to do that, you won't get hung up on criticism from friends, police officers, psychologists, society at large (i.e. This shirt lets people know that you are not perfect, and don't intend to be a better person.The bottom of the pad features 3M repositionable adhesive, allowing it to be securely fastened to and removed from flat surfaces again and again. The utility to make fire on a whim without a match or lighter can really come in handy especially if you're an arsonist or just a run of the mill pyromaniac. Includes 16 numbered shot glasses and 2 metal roulette balls. This universal phone charger will allow you to connect all your phones to one usb.This game is fun for the whole family (unless your family consists of devout Mormons, then maybe not so much). (not really)Frustrated with having to use so many different chargers for your 10 different cell phones??? Use this 10-in-1 universal charger to make people love you.Continue reading A lot of times people will say they don’t want anything for their birthday or anniversary.Now you can put their truthfulness to the test by literally getting them nothing.Whether your waiting at a bus stop or attending a funeral, once you whip out this bad boy others will see you and want to join in on the fun.

Ideal for fireplaces, campfires and fire pits; one application lasts up to 30 minutes. Its small, compact frame allows you to carry it anywhere and maintain full control of your system. Use this LED light bulb to choose from between 15 different colors and effects like flash,strobe, and dim.

Continue reading This stand sensually holds your phone in place with a nice and tender grip. Continue reading This electronic watch is both stylish and minimalist.

This stand works for any phone, keeping your phone locked in position while you drive. It is waterproof, shock resistant, and has an LED display. The only thing it can't do is tell you is why your group friends sometimes hang out with without you.

Precise surface enhances the precision of optical mice at fast speeds. You'll be able to start fires wherever you go with this emergency fire starter.

This battery saving design extends the battery life of wireless mice up to 50%. You'll feel just like the Human Torch from Fantastic Four except without the ability to fly and all the other powers he has.

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