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“I found my husband in college,” says Lindi Fulwider Allen from Madison, Tennessee, “but I do think [online dating] can work.

Especially for older people out of college and having a hard time finding a person who fits their needs.

Whether a person isn’t ready to make a marriage commitment yet, or they have chosen singleness as their preferred way of life, their existence can be incredibly fulfilling.

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“It’s a place where Adventists can come and get answers to their relationship questions,” Hyman explains. I also wanted to create an opportunity for Adventists to be able to get their relationship questions answered.” SOOMA offers relationship counseling from licensed Adventist counselors for singles or couples who are looking for guidance and help in their current relationship or relationship search.

Below are brief interviews with the creators of three different Adventist dating sites, which offer three unique approaches.

“I started The Scott Firm because Christians really don’t have a way to meet other people of faith who desire healthy, happy, and holy relationships,” explains Brandon Scott.

“Most of my Adventist clients say that the seven-step process we guide them through is truly ‘life changing.’ ” Their goal is to help build healthy Adventist relationships that will lead to healthy families and healthy communities, which will then “help build a healthy nation.” “The world says that your next relationship is at the bar or nightclub,” adds Scott.

“We as Christians must be more creative in meeting people of like mind and character who have the same expectations.

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