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being exactly synonymous, though they do overlap a lot. A "bromance" for example, (my apologies for using such a ridiculous word...) is probably straight as in 'normal' and not sexual, but not strictly speaking heterosexual as it is taking homosocial to extremes.

That is, if a person is described as either, they are assumed to be exclusively attracted to the opposite gender; if a relationship is described as such ("He's in a heterosexual relationship right now"), generally it only implies that this particular relationship is one between a male and a female.I don't think queer & straight were used as opposites."Straight acting" is a term that has a controversial history of its own - like "passing." And I agree with the comments above about there being such a extended continuum of sexuality that there is no pure sexual response - it's all tinged with various admixtures.I’m reminded of this bit of dialogue from the musical Prison Psychiatrist: And men? Prison Psychiatrist: You have any sexual attraction towards men?Woof: You mean if I'm a homosexual or something like that? Woof: Well, I wouldn't kick Mick Jagger out of my bed, but uh, I'm not a homosexual, no. There are degrees in between, usually graded as homosocial(likes the company of their own sex) do not have to be identical.

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