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("In the beginning"; books of the Torah are known in Hebrew by their first word in that language). Genesis starts with a narrative of God's creation of the universe, before focusing on the first two people and how they came to reject God's Paradise.The man who killed their son and their son, Cain, continued the corruption of the world and passed that evil on to his descendants until God had to wash over the whole thing and start anew.The only holdovers from the old creation are the righteous Noah, his family, and the animals they brought along.From them, all the peoples of the world came, including Abraham.The book plays with some of the aspects from Mesopotamian Mythology and other Creation Myths, with the most unique feature being the singular, supreme, and intelligent nature of God.

In this peace, Jacob had twelve sons, favoring Joseph most of all.CAIRO (Reuters) - Sarah Hegazy has been jailed, beaten by inmates, and could face a life sentence in an Egyptian prison if found guilty of “promoting sexual deviancy” and other charges tied to her alleged crime: waving a rainbow flag at a concert.The 28-year-old denies waving the flag but is one of 57 people arrested so far in Egypt’s widest anti-gay crackdown yet, a swift zero-tolerance response to a rare show of public support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in the conservative Muslim country.The overwhelming majority of those arrested are not involved in the flag case, however, and have simply been arrested over their perceived sexual orientation in the following days.Police have raided homes, parties, and used online dating apps to lure gay men - a common tactic in Egypt - to arrest most of them, their lawyers say.

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