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I was also bored with my marriage, bored with life in general and bored with my husband. "Isn't there anyone else in your fucking law firm who could go to New York now and then?

" Is an example of the sort of remark that I threw out to start yet another row. I had big doubts that we would survive as a couple unless something significant changed in our relationship. I was seriously contemplating an affair or trying to find a toy boy or fuckbuddy, but I knew that would be messy.

It was the first time in my married life I had done that.

* Over the next couple of months I was home alone frequently.

He resumed ramming his cock deeper, faster and harder into my under-lubricated cunt. I sometimes wondered if he was getting it elsewhere, but I doubted it.

Richard is a 'proper' person, he's respectable and does things by the book, after all he is a lawyer.

He hauled them up and dangled my ankles over his shoulders. Even then, in the last few years as his business travel and work hours had increased so the frequency of our sex decreased.

It is that which takes him to New York at least once a month.

"Oh yes, yes, oh God" I groaned as Richard fucked me from behind a couple of weeks later I was on all fours kneeling beside our bed. My full breasts were dangling down, he was buried in me fucking me doggy style, squeezing my tits and pinching and pulling my nipples as I feigned an orgasm.

We were alone on the large terrace and she was smoking a cigarette. " "Yes but the husbands, I quickly found out often don't just swap their wife with another bloke, they swap with the wife as well." "What you went with the other bloke's wife?

" "Yes and it was fantastic." "I see." Over the next couple of weeks before we left for LA, I seemed to be seeing bi or lesbian happenings all over the place, there were even lesbian kisses in two of the soaps I watch.

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