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A Republican and Iraq War vet, Murt did not respond to a request for an interview.

In recent letters distributed to worshipers and through Catholic schools, Chaput and others have expressed many of the same concerns that, when brought to the table in Colorado, helped defeat a change to the civil statute of limitations there.

But some on the receiving end said they believed the effort went beyond simply educating the congregation. Santora, another Delaware County Republican, said that even stalwart church supporters like him were finding themselves under attack."A lot of the members would tell you responses have been nothing short of threats to claims of betraying their faith," Miccarelli, a Republican first elected in 2008, said the day after his Facebook post about the campaign made the rounds in Harrisburg.Several legislators facing reelection said they felt targeted for retribution as Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J.Legislators expressed outrage this week after, they said, they had been named by priests at Mass or in parish bulletins, or in other ways rebuked by the Catholic Church, for supporting a bill to let child sex-abuse victims sue individuals and private institutions decades after the abuse occurred. Nick Miccarelli, a Catholic from Delaware County, said he was stunned Sunday to see his name printed alongside what he called "lies" and "distortions" in the weekly bulletin at his Eddystone parish.By his count, at least a dozen other House members reported having been singled out by the church or its advocates in recent days.

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