Sex dating in hunterdon ohio

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When you ask swingers — or sociologists — why they do it, there are as many answers as there are sexual positions.

Professor Edward Fernandes of Barton College in North Carolina is the leading academic authority on the study of swingers and the swinging lifestyle.

Most swingers tend to play in their own age neighborhoods, rarely straying more than a decade — although sometimes a 40-something couple in good shape can hook up with a pair in their 20s.

He had to be well-endowed (and able to prove it with photos).

He had to have stamina, had to agree to safe sex and had to be willing to be watched and possibly videotaped during sex.

Once you enter the swinging world, you’ll learn the lingo and find out about hot dates, meet-and-greets, swinger parties (at hotels, private homes or swinging clubs), swinger cruises and swinger resorts.

If you’ve got the guts or the inclination to act, you’ll discover we’ve come a long way from those 1970s car-keys parties, baby.

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