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Once the stars come out and you’re ready to let your hair down for a serious dance party, hit The Harbor Lounge.

Walk off the beach to Wanna-Wanna Bar, where no shoes or shirt are required to get served one of their signature drinks, which has vodka, rum, gin, triple sec, amaretto, pineapple and cranberry juice.Hey, no one said it’s fancy, but it’s definitely fun.If you want a scene that combines cocktails and swimming simultaneously, go to Ocean Annie’s Beach Bar.If a laidback vibe and surfer bros are your thing, visiting Venice should be on your summer bucket list.Explore eclectic Abbot Kinney Boulevard’s countless bars and restaurants by foot, then grab a bike (or rollerblades if you’re really So Cal) and hit The Strand, a paved path right along the ocean with lots of pretty people, and head north to Santa Monica.

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