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Here's everything that happened in Affixed to Pop's front door is the latest letter from the Black Hood. Understandably, everyone is shaken by this request.The killer claims, "I have rid this town of the drug dealing child killer..." and asks that the rest of Riverdale's residents to stop sinning. Despite being warned by his dad to never do a favor for Penny Peabody, Jughead agrees to help her in return for the help she gave him in reducing FP's prison sentence.At school the next day, Josie finds a gift on her keyboard.Along with an immaculate drawing of her own face read the words, "If I can't have you, no one can." There's also a bloody pig's heart in a box. Josie blames Chuck for the pig's heart and creepy drawing.

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While transporting the mysterious crate that probably contains drugs, Archie's car gets a flat tire.Luckily, Archie turns up just in time to pay and stop the driver from making off with the mysterious trunk.And they're informed by the recipients, who look like villains straight out of anmovie, that Jughead will deliver the crates on a weekly basis. And thank god, because Skeet Ulrich has a pretty face.The Mayor is concerned about her daughter and insists she return to the hotel before dark every night. Josie has started receiving notes and gifts like cute teddy bears in her locker.When Chuck asks her out, she assumes the gifts are from him.

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