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A work that means so much for us, that has been carried forward with such telling results, as the years go by, shall ever remain an enduring foundation upon which our future social, political, intellectual and moral greatness must stand, demanding a more enduring record than legend or story — Facts well authenticated, facts from the well stored memory, from brief records placed in historical form, before the ruthless hand of Time removes the heroic band from our midst. The climate is free from malaria, mild, invigorating and healthful, for which reason the death rate in the state is the lowest in the Union. The following ai Bdavit is from the- columns of the St. "Herman and Edwin Giese, aged respectively 12 and 9 years, of 117-70, were at school with Miss Lamar, and against their wishes, accompanied her and little Carrie Au- man from the school house into the storm. It was not until the coming of the Chicago & North- western Railroad in 1886, that the important question of the real status of Faulkton as the town and futurecounty seat, was fully and definitely settled. For the accomplishment of such a work is this History of Faulk County written. The summers of South Dakota are moderate, without any excessive heat, the most de- lightful season of the year being the long„ beautiftfl autumn, and the winters are so mild that the live stock are grazing on the range all winter without shelter of any kind. No history of Faulk county can be complete without a careful review of the unusual methods adopted by the Gov- ernor, N. The bovs re- 54 port that when Miss Lamar gave out they all lay down and remained until Friday. The Roman Catholics have well equipped academies at Aberdeen, Sturgis, Elkton, Marion, Vermillion and other points, and the Mennonites at Freeman. 58 A woman named Shoultz and a boy by the name of May were frozen to death in northeast Hand county. Mc Coy, their teachers, remained with them during the night. Moulton, Pierce, Mc Caffry, Howe and others relate inter- esting experiences relating to the electric phenomena. The population is cosmopolitan, being composed, as reported by the census of 1905, of 33,473 Scandinavians, 17,873 Prussian Germans, 12,365 Russian Germans, 22,144 Canadians, 5,564 settlers from England, Scotland and Wales, 3,298 Irish, 1,566 Hollanders and the balance of the population, Americans. In Faulkton the pupils of the primary and intermedi- ate departments were gathered in the intermediate school room. A few parents took their children home and provisions were taken to the schoolhouse and all were made comfortable for the night. Volumes of incidents could be written giving details of individual experiences, etc., that would be of more or less interest but our space forbids. The following statistical record of 1906 ought to find a place in the permanent record of the production of wealth supplied to the world in one year. The following from tie Faulkton Times of that date will give a fuller account oi that terrible stor.n that swept 55 with such fearful force over the northwest, though largely referring to incidents outside of Faulk county: "During Wednesday a snow storm from the southwest prevailed most of the day and into the night. The following is an official report, viz: Wheat, 37,494,108 ,931,877.24 Corn, 77,414,331 33,224.299.30 Oats, 51,324,557 12,831,139.25 Barley, 24,603,257 7,380,077.10 Flax, 2,283,156 • 2,383,156.00 Speltz, 4,558,708 1,367,612.40 Hay, 3,073,554 tons 14,868,770.00 Potatoes, vegetables and Fruit 5,000,000.00 Dairy Products 7,500,000.00 Eggs and Poultry 5,000,000.00 Honey, 90 tons 25,000,00 Ivive Stock 36,000,000.00 Wool and Hides, 300,000.00 Mineral and Stone 9,000,000,00 Total 145,812,831.29 New wealth per capita, 278.00 No more convincing proof of the prosperous condition of any state can be produced than her bank resources, to- gether with the valuation of all classes of property. Thursday morning snow was still falling with little or no wind and without any indication of the storm that broke upon Faulk county from the northwest at about 10 a. The mercury then stood at IHO above zero, and was still abov^e zero at night, and the cold was by no means intense during the storm. And to the men and women who composed that heroic band, who left home, with all its social surroundings that enter so largely into the present life, and builded greater than they knew in laying the foundation for a more liberal, broader and higher education and a nobler manhood and womanhood, is this work dedicated. The annual mean temperature of the state for the 3'ear 1906, determined from forty-three stations having a com- plete record, was 45 degrees. Thus ended the first organized and well attended county convention in which there was a consciousness that it was the people and not politicians that were then in control of county affairs. The snow had drifted over them and gave some protection. A rescue party was organized, a rope was fastened to tlie hotel door, and with the coil in hand, the party struggled on and succeeded in reaching the intermediate school house. In 1889 she exchanged her territorial relations with one general government for those of equal sovereign statehood in the Great American Republic. one of the towm site proprie- tors of lya Foon, in an affidavit sworn to, before C. Auman's house, a distance of forty rods, nearly with the wind.

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South Dakota has no bonded debt and the limit of tax levy cannot exceed 2 mills to the dollar, as provided by the constitution. The blizzard of '73 lasted for three consecutive days and nights without cessa- tion, and the loss of life in northwestern Iowa and Min- nesota was very great. Friday morning — the wind easing down to a calm at 9 a. — making the duration of the storm in all its fury about 16 hours. 62 But all that came, became an integral part in their efforts for the accomplishment of the one single purpose, the one central idea, that of making Faulkton the county seat.

Three fourths of the farmers own the land they till, a most gratifying and satisfactory^ fact from a financial standpoint. The first settlers, as a class, were of the type not only to assure success to the enterprise in which they engaged, but to attract and draw others to them.

Seventy-eight per cent of the population are native born. Clifford; for jus- tic^s of the psace, Frank Turner, W. Among that heroic band, who early in 1882 turned their backs to all the rest of the world with undying de- termination to turn these bleak and desolate acres upon the banks of the sluggish Nixon into delightful, happy homes and a prosperous, enterprising commercial center, no one was more devoted, or in a position to do as much for the accomplishment of this most desired object, as Capt.

With four normal schools, one at Aberdeen, one at Madison, one at Spsarfish and one at Springfield, and a school of Mines at Rapid City, a State University at Vermillion, and an Agricultural Col- lege at Brookings, the supply of teachers should be equal to all demands. Herman and Edwin, sons of lyudwig Giese, of 117-70, aged respectively 12 and 9 years, were at school with Miss I^amar, and against their wishes, accompanied her with little Carrie Auman from the school house into the storm. They walked a half mile to Henry Hillman's and said, "They could not wake the teacher and Carrie— they were dead." Thus it will be seen that those who perished in Faulk county left a place of safety, defied the storm, braved death and perished. Frank said he kept cool, didn't hurry and was careful. Miss Maggie Dunn, a teacher near Polo, northwest Hand county, perished in the storm.

Denominational schools are as follows, viz: Methodist colleges at Mitchell and Hot Springs, Congregational col- leges at Yankton and Redfield, Presbyterian at Huron, the Baptist at Sioux Falls, the Scandinavian Lutherans at Sioux Falls and Canton, and the Episcopalians at Sioux Falls. The boys report that when Miss lyamar gave out they all lay down and remained till Friday morning. Miss Dunn had gone to her school before the storm set in, and none of her scholars arriving she started back only to lose her life a few .•steps from the house where she boarded.

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