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I mean, in the back of my mind I kind was hoping it was real too, at least in the beginning. It's a shame what they're doing on that site. but i would recommend Elena's Models, as it is real women and reasonably priced, about £80 for three months and you can message as much as you like.

After a few weeks on there, I still hadn't met anyone, lol. I met more women there in a few days than I did in a month and a half on Victoria Hearts. After reading some of the other reviews Im glad i just used the complimentary credits and didnt spend any money on Victoriahearts, one poor guy ,000 'holy $#*! You do get 1 or 2 scammers but not many, and they are soon found out and kicked off the site.

You may be supporting "bad actors" with your credits!

Yes there are certainly some 5-star reviews from "insiders" trying to up the rating of this site and offset the truthful 1-star reviews.

But 50/50 is good odds in the on-line dating game, so can't complain.

give it a go, my only advice would be: Be realistic ie.

I wrote very ugly profile with very wrong information like I'm living in Vietnam and my city is Kiev but noone care about that I spend only chatting with women, how can you guys waste so much money? There are some problems with the service like standard messages "Would you like to chat?

" that sometimes annoying but in general, you can find real people and chat with women from different countries. Victoria hearts , Victoria Brides, Valentimes, and Romancetales are all registered (in September of this year) to Terra Social Ltd.

If you don't trust people in real life it will be difficult for you to believe anything a woman whose photo you like says. The girls are amazing here, young and pretty, very entertaining, so I enjoy chatting when I feel lonely or bored. She and I chatted on the site for awhile until we decided that it was time to meet, so I traveled to Ukraine and spent an amazing 8 days there with her. So gentlemen, Victoria Hearts is a real International dating site with real Ukrainian women.She is not a model but is very beautiful nonetheless. Dont get hung up on the negative reviews here that say it is a scam and the women arent real and are all models. I have lived the too good to be true experience and it is absolutely real!You just have to remember that these ladies live in a different country with a different history and culture.Now think about this, it's the Ukraine, many women are unemployed, so they do this job for extra money. Out of the 50, maybe 3 seem like they're answering your questions and not asking for more photos or presents. In case you suspect that you are being scammed by one of the ladies - please contact us right away in a live chat or email us at [email protected] will investigate the situation and take proper action if the lady’s fault is proven. So, obviously the way it's setup, the website is trying to drain you of all your money. Trying to find someone on Victoria Hearts, is trying to win big at a carnival game, or scratch off lottery.The girls I talk to, have told me that the guys that pay a ton of money are usually East Indians, Asians, Middle Easterners living in England, Canada, United States or Australia. Out of the 3, you might have ONE trade home emails with you. So what do you do if you don't like the "ONE"? There are some women there that are genuinely looking for someone, but it's few and far apart. They want you to keep sending them photos, and chatting and watching their videos. Even the girl who told me felt bad, but they've got to make money too.

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