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He was sentenced to a total of 124 years in prison and fined one million dollars.

At the onset of the trial it was reported that Luster’s fortune was being used to hire a dream team of lawyers who were expected to hammer the local prosecutors.The known facts, different from the true facts in the case were salacious and, according to the media, simple.Andrew Luster, a 30-something beach bum playboy and heir to the Max Factor cosmetic fortune, had cruised the college bars around Santa Barbara, California, honed in on a coed, (nameless because she was a victim of sexual assault) and spiked her drink with GHB, a date rape drug.But the sheer salaciousness of the crimes led reporters to take on a blind assertion that Andrew Luster was guilty and they, the self-proclaimed guardians of the public trust, protectors of the innocent and all things equitable, were determined not to see or accurately report the true facts in the case.And yet, in the late summer of 2003, the nightly news was spilling over with the Millionaire Date Rape trial.

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