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One of the Shore’s most beloved residents, a 65-foot-tall elephant, has been there through it all.Called Lucy, the monument has proudly gazed upon the Jersey Shore since 1881.A National Historic Landmark, she celebrated her 136th birthday this weekend.Today, Lucy is the oldest existent roadside attraction in America and draws around 130,000 visitors each year.

Prospective buyers were to climb 130 steps to her howdah, an ornate carriage placed atop an elephant’s back, and look out at the vast expanse of coastal land ripe for the taking.The nearby Elephant Hotel provided rooms for her visitors, who included Woodrow Wilson and Henry Ford.Lucy survived a fire started by drunken tavern-goers and multiple severe storms that threatened to drown her.She survived the Turkish Pavilion, which was destroyed in the 1944 Great Atlantic hurricane.She survived John, who died in 1916, and Sophia, who died in 1963.

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