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Judah again went to Washington and played a leading role in final passage of the Pacific Railroad bill. He met with little encouragement for the enterprise seemed too risky; prospects of financial returns were too remote.

Even the assurance of government aid through grants of land and the loan of federal money, left the Central Pacific organizers with a formidable task ahead of them.

He was the first advocate of the Pacific Railroad who had practical railroad engineering knowledge to add to sincere enthusiasm.

The reports led to incorporation and organization of the Central Pacific.

Southern Pacific is a monument to the enterprise and vision of Leland Stanford, Collis P. These Sacramento merchants, famed in later years as the "Big Four," became impressed with plans for a railroad east over the Sierra as conceived by Theodore D. Typical of the courage and daring that characterized the successful exploits of many western pioneers, the four associates launched the project, unmatched in all the story of rail transportation, without any one of them ever having been remotely connected with a construction project of greater magnitude than the erection of their own store buildings.

Against the advice of their friends and in the face of strong opposition and ridicule they threw their entire resources and personal credit into the project.

To an unknown editor in the little village of Ann Arbor, Michigan, belongs the credit for making in 1832 the first suggestion for a railroad that would span the continent from the Great Lakes to the Pacific.

At that time less than 100 miles of rail lines had been built in the United States during the three years since the first public railroad [Baltimore & Ohio RR] was operated out of Baltimore.

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