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Not completing the course in a ‘satisfactory’ way could include (but is not exclusive to): There are up to 24 people on each Speed Awareness Course and 2 course trainers.

You can attend the workshop in any area that runs a national scheme so you do not have to return to where your offence took place.There are two types: •Non-endorsable offences - which don't result in points on your licence, e.g.failing to wear a seatbelt, unnecessary obstruction •Endorsable offences - which will result in points on your licence, e.g.It is a half-day theory based workshop designed to help you recognise speed limits, address the reasons for speeding and give you information to help you reduce the likelihood of speeding in the future.Completing a Speed Awareness Course means that you will not have to pay the Fixed Penalty Notice and you will not get penalty points on your licence.

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