Splashfighters updating configuration file

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You must reboot the appliance for the image to install.Once the system reboots ensure that the status bar displays the correct Ex OS version ([APP-2893] - Policies appear twice on Monitor | Optimizer page if the policy name contains square brackets.[APP-2959] - TCPA - Unbalanced throughput for equal bidirectional traffic [APP-3014] - Web UI sometimes shows negative 0% reduction ratio.[APP-3145] - Monitor | Subnet page sometimes displays errors on Web UI.

This is seen only on Mac, Unix or Linux OS web clients.

[APP-2553] - Cannot perform 'configuration revert' with AR rules present.

[APP-2884] - Ethernet negotiation and Bridge Link errors get triggered on reboot.

[APP-3445] - PDF report generation fails if RADIUS/TACACS is used to authenticate a user.

[APP-3468] - Optimizer scheduler sometimes causes the Optimzier to not start. [APP-1101] - Optimizer validation fails when adding multiple policies where the sum of the guaranteed bandwidth exceeds 100% and the policies are scheduled at different times.

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