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***********************Dinakar Nethi Life is short. Enjoy it.*********************** Like Function, you can have one function inside another another function. I have a formview that works OK for selecting/updating records in the table.

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AARP_DATA_D1_Bill Matri It still gets the old values, when I loop thru the Dictionary and in debug step thru it I see it still gets the original values not the new values that the user enters when they are changing each item.

// Iterate through the New Values collection and HTML encode all // user-provided values before updating the data source. New Values) guru_sami, sorry it took me so long to get back, I have been off on vacation and just got back, but yes you are right on, I went back and debugged the entire postback and it was rebinding the grid on postback on the page_load event.

Once you do that, the total can be calculated easily with something like this Select Sum(dbo. MS SQL stored procedures inside another stored procedure Hi, Do you know how to write stored procedures inside another stored procedure in MS SQL. I don't know how to convert sql server stored procedure into oracle stored procedure form. Everything works fine when I pull the entire list (without declaring any select parameters).

Create procedure sp My Proc input Data varchar(50) AS ----- some logical procedure sp My Proc input Inside Data varchar(10) AS --- some logical --- go ------- What exactly are tou trying to do? How to convert Sql Server Stored Procedures into Oracle Stored Procedures Hi All, I am migrating from sql server2000 to oracle. However, on my Search page, I have declared a number of Select Parameter (Control Parameters, to be specific) objects and mapped each one to its respective control (text boxes and a checkbox). Passing Parameters to a SQL Stored Procedure I need help with a really basic task. Sql Data Source Command Event Args) Handles DS_Edit Master Org.

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