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The good news, over the years, all kinds of great tattoo books and tattoo ebooks have come on the market to help new tattoo artists really get a head start on their career. As long as people learn all the knowledge they can about tattooing and the art of how to tattoo but PRACTICE THE RIGHT WAY…than there is not an issue.

What is wrong with teaching people learning all the fundamental basics of tattooing from manuals, guides, and even tattoo videos? takes a tattoo “newbie” and guides them through the entire tattooing process from learning all about your tattoo machine, tattoo inks, tattoo needles, to more advanced things like black and grey wash shading, tattoo tips and tricks pro’s use, to even landing your own apprenticeship and starting your own tattoo shop or legit tattoo business.

It also covers a small Tweety cartoon tattoo on her bum which was her first tattoo.

She told i-D Cheryl Cole has liked the idea of having a rose tattoo on her butt for a long time.

She had been getting work done on this tattoo by artist Nikko Hurtado across multiple sessions for many months before it was finally finished.

In February 2013 she announced that she had already put 15 hours of work into the tattoo.

taps into Guy’s vision and his 20 plus years in the tattoo profession to provide an inside look into what it takes to improve your overall artistic ability and to put these skills to work on skin to get the type of results that you are after.Although still following the same type of format as the 1st edition, the text has been slimmed down and expanded, illustrated and captioned to make for an tattoo educational experience unlike anything else in the tattooing industry.Whether you are an experienced professional or an apprentice working in a supervised tattoo artist setting, this book and DVD can help you with valuable new tools for improving your tattoo work. Once you have mastered your tattooing skills, gone through an apprenticeship, and finally reached that level where you want to start your own tattoo shop…then you will need a solid tattoo business plan to get you started.She had previously said that she was done with tattoos after huge butt tattoo, but I guess she made an exception for something so tiny!Cheryl Cole has tribal tattoo on her right hand in a traditional Polynesian Maori style.

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