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We like thigh slapping, dancing on the table, eating with your face. Torch has been quarantined in a dark, squalid room on the Lower East Side of New York City, which the locals refer to as "Beirut", after testing positive for a nameless disease.Torch passes the time alone, forbidden from contact with the outside world.Manchester-based writer and theatre-maker Javaad Alipoor spent time in this digital realm, exploring the blurry and complex world of extremists, spies, journalists and fantasists.This bold one-man show weaves together their stories, inviting the audience into that web.A Chinese musician applies for a scholarship at the ultra-prestigious Eliot University. An Adventure follows headstrong Jyoti and her fumbling suitor Rasik as they ride the crest of the fall of Empire from the shores of post-Partition India to the forests of Mau Mau Kenya onto the industrial upheaval of 1970s London.A brilliant student, a world-class violinist, she's the perfect candidate - but also the alleged victim of sexual abuse by her boarding school teacher. But what happens when youthful ambitions crash hard against reality?However when Dom is given a chance to break the cycle of his loneliness and regret when meets someone who invigorates the monotonous routine of his existence. s love affairs and her struggle to become a published author in a male dominated industry. s novels are well known the world over very few documents survive to reveal the secret events of her own love life. Since discovering a collection of sheet music of composers banned by the Third Reich, including Erich Korngold, Kurt Weill and Ernst Krenek in a Melbourne book shop as a teenager in the 1940's, Humphries has been fascinated with the period's cultural experimentalism, defiance and unique mix of classical music and jazz. A handsome young bookworm who always dreamt of more. It's a tale as old as time, as you've never heard it before.Austen highlights her most important relationships and mostly in her own words. On stage Barry Humphries narrates in his own inimitable style his very personal journey and obsession with the music of this artistically fertile and experimental period of history. This Christmas, from the creators of the award-winning sellout hit Buzz: A New Musical, comes a big hairy dollop of festive fun.

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She wins his hand in marriage as a reward for curing the dying King - but Bertram does not love Helena and insists on her fulfilling several impossible tasks before accepting his duties as husband.

Sam Wanamaker With an immersive set, a cast of eleven, some bizarre characters, moments of naturalistic dialogue and complete absurdism, undercut by well known and ? A bloodshot eye conjures up kisses and wild animals.

heavenly' songs, this promises to be a unique theatre experience. The world premiere of Philip Ridley's Angry is a menacing, magical, and darkly comedic collection of stories that vibrate with the lingering unease of our times. ve gender-neutral monologues on subjects as diverse as refugees, millennial anger, and interstellar travel. ve monologues, but who performs each will alternate from night to night.

Through this lens in a show co-commissioned by HOME, Transform Festival, and Ovalhouse in London, Javaad explores the complexities of being a young male Muslim today. But what is the colour of a miracle in a black and white world? What happens when your very community is being challenged? A man whose briefcase explodes with possibilities is suddenly the most dangerous threat to them all? Part of The Vaults Festival Before we begin, I should warn you: This story ends with a dragon...

BELLE FONTAINE explores the pain of loss and the promise of change. Seth Kriebel's Beowulf is an interactive performance-game inviting the audience to explore the world of a story from our legendary past...without leaving their seats.

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