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I had some questions, so I asked support for help and I got it!This site is oriented on providing the best services and it’s doing it!Among all of the odd decor of Denver International Airport is a statue of an open suitcase.Within this suitcase is a honed demon with its head in its hands.The construction of the airport came to nearly billion over budget.There are a number of conspiracy type theories that pertain to the design and construction of Denver International airport.

This post may contain affiliate links — the cost is the same to you, but we get a referral fee. Perhaps a most intriguing theory for those living in the United States is the presence of a secret bunker located under the Denver Airport.

Underneath the soldier are signs of poverty and distress, a woman clutching her baby and children sleeping in ruins.

Viewers of the piece state that it appears to represent themes of future military oppression and a one world government.

The outlay of the first million was authorized in September of 1989.

A number of delays set the construction of the airport back and it wasn’t until February 28, 1995 that Denver International Airport opened and replaced the original airport, Stapleton.

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