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(In the first season, Robin said she would never meet her daughter because, if she, Robin, found out that was how she was conceived, she would kill herself.) That daughter, Mary (played by Alice Englert, Jane Campion’s own daughter), is now a hyper-precocious 17-year-old who is madly in love with the 40-something Puss (David Dencik), a stringy haired German iconoclast who is as sleazy a romantic partner as his name suggests.

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“I think you're amazing: you're so alive and so beautiful,” Robin tells her, and Mary sparks to Robin’s stillness, her concern, a different kind of maternal relationship. What does it mean to bring a woman into this world?

Talk of Puss’ scholarship soon veers off course, with him offering the opinion that “The destiny of man is to enslave women.” Julia counters that she studied “under Germaine Greer,” inspiring Mary to exclaim, “I hate feminism!

” As Julia and Puss continue to butt heads, Mary explodes to her mother, “I am trying to survive your endless need for attention! Puss takes the opportunity to tell Pyke, “Your wife has the big balls of a new romance.” As much as Mary despises Julia, she is also very much like her.

’s didacticism, it has great characters, a mischievous sense of humor, grace notes.

Moss’ Robin is taciturn and in turmoil, silent and watchful in her angst, which is hilariously paired against Miranda, who dances around her apartment in an astronaut costume.

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