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I feel the person out about it, and I do that quickly.It’s not a dominating conversation when you’re dating somebody, but if they’re not fully on board and aware of what’s going on, they’re not worth my time.”I’ve spoken to trans individuals who don’t like feeling like they “need” to disclose something like that upfront. Now, some will give you the option to list a trans status, but I don’t believe it belongs there.“There’s a level of prejudice that comes with putting it on the dating site in black-and-white.On certain sites, like Ok Cupid where you’re able to write in longer profiles and descriptions about yourself, I’ll put it in the actual profile description.And the right person is going to want to do that with me.”Gender and sexual orientation are both highly personal and constantly evolving.So, in honor of Transgender Awareness Week, we're talking about the importance of language and raising the voices of the LGBTQIA community. For more of our many paths to, through, or away from parenthood, head over to Mothership.

I wanted to transition before I became a partner or a parent.

How do I come in as a first-time parent to a situation when these children already have both parents?

I’m forever sharing these children, whom I want to be fully invested in, because I do want to be fully invested in them.

But it’s not about having a penis, it’s about having a vagina, and being who I am.

So any partner has to take me as I am, and they have to want to face the realities of my life with me.

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