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In order to commence the domain owner change operation current domain owner should provide a set of documents proving the owner’s identity and intention.Owner can provide said set of documents in 2 different ways: by regular postal mail (or any other express delivery service of the owner’s choice), or visit the local Openprovider office personally.1) Via postal mail: Sealed and completed domain owner change application form with company's letter-head signed by an entitled person and a set of business documents: for Russian companies – scanned copies of INN, OGRN and EGRUL extract (the latter must be no older than 30 days prior to the day the application form has been sent).The user is entitled to use the information and material on this website for personal and non-commercial use only.The user does not have the right to change, process or edit the information on this website in any way without advance, written permission from Teboil.For the past hours we've had an email server outage.The root cause was an outage of all dedicated servers in 1&1, the hosting provider that held our email servers.

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All TEBOIL names, trademarks, symbols, products and other website content are protected by Teboil's (and/or its customers' and partners') copyright and are the property of the copyright holders. Teboil does not commit to updating the information on the website and does not, therefore, take responsibility for ensuring that the information is entirely up-to-date.Welcome to the Teboil website ( These general terms are applied to the use of this website, and users are required to familiarise themselves with these terms before using the page. General terms of use In using this website the user is deemed to have accepted the general terms of use for this website.Teboil retains the right to change the terms of use without prior notice. Information and use All of the information on this website is meant to be general and informative, and therefore all information should be confirmed with Teboil representatives.2) Personal visit: Official company representative can visit Openprovider office personally, bringing the set of documents described in the previous paragraph, plus a letter of attorney and a passport.Download application form for legal entities that this procedure is only valid for a trade between handles inside a single reseller account.

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