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Additional countries have shown interest in joining the work. Since its publication, NESUBL subset has influenced government e Procurement initiatives across Europe, for example in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, The Netherlands, Turkey.

Ordering, Fulfilment, Billing Catalogue, Quotation, Payment, Statement, Transport Services, Certificate of Origin e Tendering, Vendor Managed Inventory, Intermodal Freight Management, Utility Billing,and Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, Replenishment and e-Invoice / e-Archive and e-Ledger in Turkey Weight Statement, Business Directory, e Tendering Order, Order Response, Order Response Simple, Order Change, Order Cancellation, Despatch Advice [Advance Ship Notice], Receipt Advice, Invoice Added document types for sourcing: Catalogue, Catalogue Deletion, Catalogue Item Specification Update, Catalogue Pricing Update, Catalogue Request, Quotation, Request for Quotation Added document types for fulfillment: Bill of Lading, Certificate of Origin, Forwarding Instructions, Packing List, Transportation Status, Waybill Added document types for billing: Credit Note, Debit Note, Freight Invoice, Reminder, Self Billed Credit Note, Self Billed Invoice Added document types for payment: Remittance Advice, Statement Added supplementary document types: Application Response, Attached Document Added document types for e Tendering: Awarded Notification, Call for Tenders, Contract Award Notice, Contract Notice, Guarantee Certificate, Tender, Tender Receipt, Tenderer Qualification, Tenderer Qualification Response, Unawarded Notification Added document types for Collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment: Exception Criteria, Exception Notification, Forecast, Forecast Revision, Item Information Request, Prior Information Notice, Trade Item Location Profile Added document types for Vendor Managed Inventory: Instruction for Returns, Inventory Report, Product Activity, Retail Event, Stock Availability Report Added document types for Intermodal Freight Management: Goods Item Itinerary, Transport Execution Plan, Transport Execution Plan Request, Transport Progress Status, Transport Progress Status Request, Transport Service Description, Transport Service Description Request, Transportation Status, Transportation Status Request Added document type for Utility billing: Utility Statement Added supplementary document types: Document Status, Document Status Request Added document types for e Tendering: Enquiry, Enquiry Response, Expression Of Interest Request, Expression Of Interest Response, Qualification Application Request, Qualification Application Response, Tender Contract, Tender Status, Tender Status Request, Tender Withdrawal, Unsubscribe From Procedure Request, Unsubscribe From Procedure Response Added document types for transportation: Weight Statement Added document types for business directories and agreements: Business Card, Digital Agreement, Digital Capability The OASIS UBL 2.1 specification has been approved as ISO/IEC 19845 as of 2015-12-15: to begin accepting new suggestions for consideration in a future UBL 2.3, with a target final publication of December 2019.It includes access to the PEPPOL network for secure and reliable transfer.In response to the European Directive 2014/55/EU the Dutch government has mandated XML Invoicing for all contracts signed after January 1, 2017 using the UBL-OHNL customization via Digipoort or the Simplerinvoicing customization via PEPPOL.Version 2.1 is fully backward compatible with version 2.0, but it adds 34 new document schemas, bringing the total of business document types defined by UBL to 65.UBL is described in an extensive overview in the article "What is UBL?

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