Updating a samsung f480 Single woman video chat

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I can't say much about LG forums though, since their phones come with a carbon copy of Touchwiz. Agree, idk why kiddy icons and seeing fewer things than before is more "adult" than icons with actual depth to them and seeing everything at once...

while icons in the drawer still appear in "custom grid" view by default, I bet, instead of a more logical alphabetical order.

I also ordered a"Zagg" shield cover,on their site I will tell what it.s like.Ive had the same problem and had to flash back to the T-Mobile branded firmware because i cudnt access the sky sports mobile tv page or use shozu on further tracking down try going into the t-mobile settings and make sure the port is set to 8080 and there is no proxy address set. Do you think I should ring T-Mobile and tell them how to fix this problem if anyone else rings them asking for help having flashed their phone? I have the new firmware XXHF7,it was Vodafone branded,no problems at all with G-mail or camera.Actually, something that rather surprised me was that T-Mobile were fine about me having flashed the firmware - I honestly thought they'd get a bit funny and refuse to help me at all because I'd deliberately "broken" the phone myself. okay I am seeing everyone is saying F480XXHF7 has improved camera quality.... It show all Internet sites very quickly as Vodafone HSDPA has got the highest speed here in Holland.It's weird, but since updating I can't go to any Gmail site - can't even download the mobile Gmail app - because I ALWAYS get the message "Connection failed. " The rest of the internet browsing is fine, and I've been able to use Yahoo! Oh, and Shozu, the photo uploadiong app has also stopped working - it seems to work OK to begin with, but the upload never goes anywhere, just stays on the screen forever at 0%.Spoke to T-Mobile here in the Uk and they had no idea what the problem might be, except to say that it wasn't a problem at their end. That's the icing on the cake for my F480 now - not only does the camera work "properly" but everything else does, too.

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