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If you still don't know, search elsewhere on the internet or ask on the forums. Supported Devices Not supported list is here: Known incompatible devices In short, the TP-LINK TL-WR740N is the cheapest compatible wireless router, available for around , as of April 2015.A variant of this router with a detachable antenna (TL-WR741N) is also available. Note that none of the TP-Link WR841 or WR741 series(including N/D ND and variations) will support Open VPN on DD-WRT, just because of the lack of flash memory.


The "variable" changes whenever DNSMasq sees a conflict.


The build threads are titled with New Build - the date and the build number. That thread is Broadcom only, Atheros and other chipsets are on their respective subforums. If you have DD-WRT installed, your router's settings should be accessible by opening a web browser and typing in the address bar.

The addresses are calculated based on your computer's MAC address and "a variable".

It's just a little different from the way the original Linksys firmware worked.

Since this question involves many variables, we do not have an article for it yet. If the power light flashes on and off, then the firmware is messed up, but the router should be recoverable. It may also be possible that your router has a different IP address.

The CPU must be running in order for the power light to be flashing, which tells you the hardware is probably not toasted yet. If you do not know the address, you can attempt to obtain the router IP. If you're able to get a reply for a short time, you should be able to reflash the firmware while the router is booting.

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