Updating dmi pool data

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The Power E870 server can have up to two system nodes per system.

With 32-core nodes, the maximum is a 64-core system.

The 90-day temporary elastic Co D processor and memory enablement features enable a system to temporarily activate all inactive processor and memory Co D resources for a maximum of 90 days before you must order another temporary elastic enablement feature number.

With Power Enterprise Pools, IBM continues to enhance the ability to freely move processor and memory activations from one system to another system in the same pool, without the need for IBM involvement.

A two-node system has a maximum of eight memory features and 4 TB Capacity.

Additional I/O support is provided with a 19-inch PCIe Gen3 I/O expansion drawer and an EXP24S SFF Gen2 expansion drawer.The IBM Power System E870 POWER8 system node uses either 8-core or 10-core symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) processor chips with 512 KB of L2 and 8 MB of L3 cache per core, DDR3 CDIMM memory, dual memory controllers, and an industry-standard G3 PCIe I/O bus designed to use 32 lanes organized in two sets of x16.The peak memory and I/O bandwidths per system node have increased over 300% compared to POWER7 ™ servers.Each system node has 32 CDIMM slots that support a maximum of eight memory features.Using 256 GB CDIMM features yields a maximum of 2 TB per node.

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