Updating pet microchip

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We believe in the power of the internet in order to return pets to the families who care for them.

Our job is to monitor, correct, change, update, protect and maintain your contact information while keeping it accessible.

Please note: You are required to have your pet scanned by a scanning centre such as a vet clinic to verify the microchip number is correct.

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It doesn't matter if you are not registered with the UK PETtrac Database, it's just a simple reminder email, to prompt you.

To complement the high quality Micro Chips, AVID Micro Chip scanners have been designed to include models which suit all types of environment and that are appropriate for your needs.

The AVID Mini Tracker is perfect for most applications due to its compact size, easy to use design, extended read range and most notably that it reads all four current companion animal Micro Chip standards from around the world.

If you are a vet, dog warden or welfare organisation click here to see how you can help us with our campaign to encourage pet owners to update their pet's Micro Chip details.

We have FREE stickers, leaflets and posters available for your organisation.

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