Vaadin table not updating

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Understandably, it is quite a challenge for any web UI framework to have consistent support for a variety of browsers, not to mention older versions as well.But, in the end, developers are guillotined and need a reliable framework to save losing their heads.Let the interpreter, compiler, parsers, whatever, do their job implicitly; we'll speak only Java while riding our favorite IDE.If this is your choice, your insanity is attuned with the Vaadin framework.We should not forget that Vaadin is basically a UI framework.

The primary reason why Vaadin really exists is that developers sometimes do not want to switch between Java and other techs such as Java Script, XML, HTML, and so on while coding.Forget the claims; see the performance in your machine and the ease of APIs to use.Do the APIs provide most of the enterprise's needs? Now, there are straight ways of doing things, and there are roundabout ways. This is fine and acceptable from a UI framework's perspective, but a misbehaving component is a real pain in the neck.First, we should see if its components work as smoothly as expected by providing the right APIs.Sometimes, the enterprise UI needs are critical to the verge of being idiotic, like dragging a picture into the text field and the picture transformed into its name or dragging a Excel sheet into a table.

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