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Two young Austrians quarreled over the affections of an Inmate of a sport- ing house.

Minn., Oct, 6.— (Special to Tlie Herald.) — A shocking murder was com- mitted here last night.

In the afternoon a paper, replete Nvith most interesting infor-mation to the officers of the National Guard upon the "Scope and Duties of the Qua. The questions of accountability for property and for public funds wer'j^ discussed at length, and much inl'^r- esting information given. Fenlon began shooting, he says, at Anderson's feet, but one of the bullv^ts passed through Anderson's abdomen, severing'an artery and causing int'.'rna! Deputy Coroner Wunder and County Attorney Mc CIintock conducted ai\ in- quest here this morning. In Chuen the Boxers, so'iio 10,000 strong, attacked Cheng Tu, the provincial capital. Holiday Goods Arriving Daily A Very Handsome Variety in STERLING SILVER, FANCY AND USEFUL PIECES Are to be seen a C G.

One put an end to the argument by drawing a revolver and sending a bul- let directly through the heart of his rival.

6.— Commissioner General of Immigration Sargent had a long conference today with the i»resl- dent regarding the coal strike. has undtr- Kone an operation at his home In this city, the surgeons, who did not disclose the na- ture of the . The man murdered is Eli Seoeizech, and the man under arrest char-ged with the crime is Joseph Grazek.

The only person in authority at strike head- hol,l themselves in readiness to protect the cars of the company, said today thai the withdrawal of the mavor's order was entirely jiwtlfled by conditions whicn had developed after it was sent. Although patterned after toe women's exhibition held in Karl's cout t, Ivondon, two years .ago, its scope :s much wider. His object was to sieze the supplies at Fort Riley and di.sable the Union Pacific for several days. He detailed the various duties of the army quartermaster, and pointed out the great importance of an efficient, ad- ministration of the department to the success of any military expedition in peace or war. The murderer will be taken to Du- luth some time tomorrow, as much for a precaution of safety as a step of justice, as friends of the murdered man have indicated a strong desire to take his punishment upon themselves. who was at Tower attending the inquest of the Anderson shooting, was notified of the Ely tragedy at noon today and will come over to Ely this evening to per- sonally superintend the hearing be- fore the coroner's jury. Fen- lon heard the noise and fired into the casing to scare Anderson. Fenlon agziin came to the aid of her husband, an1 this time she got Anderson out into yard.

Yale, Princeton and Chicago univer.sitiea combined." On the topic of the length of the college course President Butler says there is no valid reason why the col- lege course should be of one uniform length for all classes of students. Judse Bueaklng cam- paign, is discussing the questions of taxrition.

»e in the more attrac- tively decorated machines were ap- plauded by the throngs which had feathered along the sidewalks. "The campaign is beginning to at- tract public attention more than it has in the interval since the primary elec - tions. Eaton, chairman of the Uc- publlcan congressional committee, has announced the membership of the committee, which includes one mein&^jr from each county, as follows: Anoka. The farmers in many parts of the state were behind on their w "-rk. The verdict of the coroner's jury di C not fix cny responsibility, simply SJ - ing that Gus Anderson came to his death frcm a shot from a revolver iicid In the hands of Thomas Fenlon. an0 there aer some sanguinary fights in ^he streets. c Pope, of Wanted at Once THKEE DRY GOODS SALESMEN for Silks, Dress Goods, Linens, Wash Goods and Bed- ding Dept*s. There were no other witnesses to the shooting cutside the Fenlon family. 47 South West- ern avenue, was severely burned about the hands Sunday while extinguishing flames that communicated to the clothing of his 13-year-old daughter from a bon- fire In the street. The Boxers were held in clieck by the im- j)crlal forces, and a report before pro- claimed that reinforcements were com- ing for the garrison.

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