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We spent more than 100 hours running new tests on 18 routers, and we think the Netgear R7000P is the best one for most people because it’s easy to set up, has good range and speed, and its load-balancing band steering helps it handle busy networks with lots of devices.Our runner-up, the Asus RT-AC3200, offers three wireless bands instead of the typical two and can perform better than the R7000P, but it’s considerably more difficult to configure.We also need to be more emotionally smart and go through the discovery phase of dating and build a relationship over time rather than trying to force ripen an involvement with Fast Forwarding, which in itself is also a means of avoiding intimacy and realness that ultimately ends up leaving you feeling empty due to the lack of substance. If we do not know the difference between us and another person, if we are in unhealthy relationships, and if we are ultimately basing who we are around possible reactions, we are not experiencing relationships with intimacy. Think back to a past relationship with a Mr / Miss Unavailable: Maybe one of you talked about your problems or ideas more, and even played armchair psychologist.Maybe you were a Florence Nightingale trying to fix/heal/help/change them with an underlying desire and need to fill a void and be validated.If you’re on a budget or if you have only a few Wi-Fi devices in your house, Netgear’s R6700 offers great range and speed for under 0.We are aware of a newly publicized issue that potentially affects the security of a majority of Wi-Fi devices and we are trying to get info from manufacturers on forthcoming patches.

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Had you initially been able to open up but then subconsciously (or possibly quite consciously), taken a step back and closed up somewhat because of the lack of response you were getting or not wanting to rock the boat?When all was said and done and they were right in front of you, and you had the choice between putting you out there based on the past, or fantasising about the future, or being in the present and true, were you able to just be you with no ifs, buts, maybes or censorship?Were you only putting out as much as you might get back or putting out extra in the hope that it would create a tipping point where they might be more available?If you are not being authentic, so showing up as you and being emotionally honest in your own inner relationship never mind with your partner, you will have a lot of the hallmarks of an intimate relationship without the intimacy.That means that you could love and care for a person, enjoy sex and other aspects of a relationship but fundamentally be afraid of the consequences of closeness – that fear that if you’re you, vulnerable and essentially emotionally available (willing to feel all of your feelings and be rooted in reality instead of ducking behind a wall and struggling with boundaries and commitment), that you will allow somebody to get close enough to you that it might hurt if they leave, disappoint, criticise, argue/fight with you, or reject you.

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