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It's exceedingly unlikely that the Patriots were the only team stealing signals.

As recently as this year, Tony Dungy talked about how the Colts and other teams from his past stole the other team's defensive signals, albeit without recording them on videotape.

After looking back on Tuesday at the on-field success of the 2007 Patriots, on Wednesday I'm evaluating the ways that team influenced how we think about Bill Belichick, Tom Brady and the Patriots franchise as a whole a decade later.

It seems impossible to imagine for a team that has been favored to win 85 of its most recent 100 games, but the Patriots were lovable underdogs once upon a time.

After struggling to a frustrating 9-7 mark in 2002, Belichick's team established itself as a dynasty with consecutive 14-win seasons and Super Bowl victories in 20.

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They famously were introduced to the crowd before the Super Bowl as a team, in lieu of individual introductions, a move that seems downright corny today but spoke to the relative lack of stars on their roster at the time.(Lawyer Milloy, one of the team's four Pro Bowlers, said after the win that the Pats had no standout defensive players.)This was a team named the Patriots wearing red, white and blue jerseys and winning a Super Bowl during a season interrupted by the Sept. Patriots guard Joe Andruzzi was the brother of three New York City firemen, one of whom narrowly escaped the collapse of Tower 1.The NFL and Fox changed the theme of the Super Bowl that year from a Mardi Gras motif to "Hope, Heroes and Homeland." Patriots owner Robert Kraft jumped on board, saying before the Super Bowl, "I'd like to think it's part of God's handiwork we're in the Super Bowl and we have the name Patriots." After the game, Kraft let everyone in.After 20 consecutive Patriots victories, the New York Giants narrowly topped Bill Belichick's team to win one of the most dramatic Super Bowls in league history. They were, however, the most fascinating and compelling football team of the 21st century.They raised the ceiling on what we believed a professional attack could accomplish, anticipating an offensive future for which they drew up the blueprints.

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