Who is dating whitney

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The next day, that same friend and Whitney came barreling down the slopes only to find Michael having a long, leisurely lunch on what was a very optimal ski day.“I sat down next to him and was giving him a hard time about wasting such amazing conditions,” remembers Whitney.Lana felt bad at first but little by little she was overcame it.Months later, Lana admitted that she was scared because Whitney has been missing for over a month and the military sent back his personal effects, including her meteor rock necklace.Whitney proposed to Lana and she was overwhelmed and finally confessed that she broke up with Whitney while he was gone.Lana was shocked to learn that it was not the real Whitney but rather was Tina Greer posing as him and then was devastated to learn that the real Whitney had died in action.Lana and Whitney began their relationship through the typical story of the football star and the cheerleader.They dated for most of his senior year at Smallville High and when Lana started to forge a friendship with her lifelong neighbor Clark Kent, who had always been in love with her, Whitney came in great uncertainty because he saw Clark as a potential rival for the affections of Lana.

Lana remained in contact with Whitney through video letters, but when she realized that they could not continue in these way, admitted to Clark that she was going to tell Whitney the truth, breaking up with Whitney through a video letter.

Although Lana was disturbed by the lies, she gave him support and understanding in both occasions.

As time passed, Lana began to be more attracted to Clark and realized that her relationship with Whitney was not what she wanted and slowly began to distance herself from him.

“He told me two things that morning: 1) He wasn’t sure marriage was in the near future as we were both so young and busy with our careers, and 2) We were going to his family’s ranch that weekend.” Michael’s usual truck was in the shop, so they needed to take a much older one, which meant no air-conditioning for a four-hour drive in the Texas heat.

They made two fast-food stops on the trek: “Lots of greasy french fries made for super-cute proposal skin! “I also hadn’t put on a stitch of makeup and could not have been more casual if I tried after that haul.”When they arrived at the ranch, Michael insisted they go on a trail ride despite the fact that Whitney was a novice horseback rider.

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