Who is duncan james dating

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When James permanently annexed the islands to the crown in 1472, Scotland reached its greatest ever territorial extent.James married Margaret of Denmark in July 1469 at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh.However, it was through his marriage to Margaret of Denmark that the Orkney and Shetland islands became Scottish.His reputation as the first Renaissance monarch in Scotland has sometimes been exaggerated, based on attacks on him in later chronicles for being more interested in such unmanly pursuits as music than hunting, riding and leading his kingdom into war.In April 1478 Parliament required John to answer for his assistance to rebels who held Castle Sween against the crown.In December John received confirmation of his 1476 charters.Claims were made that he was born in May 1452, or 10 or 20 July 1451.The place of birth was either Stirling Castle or the Castle of St Andrews, depending on the year.

But by 1479 the alliance was collapsing and war with England existed on an intermittent level in 1480–1482.John, Lord of the Isles, came to Edinburgh in July 1476 and the forfeiture was rescinded, but he resigned to the crown the Earldom of Ross, lands in Kintyre and Knapdale, and the offices of Sheriff of Inverness and Nairn.James then made John a Lord of Parliament as Lord of the Isles.Lord Boyd's son Thomas was made Earl of Arran and married to the king's sister Mary.However, the family successfully negotiated the king's marriage to Margaret of Denmark, daughter of Christian I of Denmark in 1469 as a part of ending the annual fee owed to Norway for the Western Isles (agreed in the Treaty of Perth in 1266), and receiving Orkney and Shetland (theoretically only as a temporary measure to cover Margaret's dowry).

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