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In other situations, agents will try to sell international rights themselves.In the case of Robert Galbraith/Rowling, her agent, The Blair Partnership, held onto international rights.Forty-eight hours before huge publishing deals like Fifty Shades, you’ll have seen a UK Scout on the phone to their US clients telling them they have to read the book NOW.Everything for a Scout is about relationships–how much the local editors and agents like and trust you, and how much your client trusts you.

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And when a story was right, I’d pass that information to clients in territories that I thought were right for it.

I visited all the UK publishers throughout the day, and called my client when a book they wanted had started to sell across the world.

I was on call the entire time but loved being so deep in the early stages of publishing, and playing the role of matchmaker, on speed.

But let’s rewind a bit., so to understand them you need to know the basics of how books are sold from writer to publisher to foreign publisher.

My simplified version of how author get their books published around the world.

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