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Together the two men comprise one of the greatest anomalies in modern Vegas.

“We absolutely don’t belong here,” admits Penn later, sitting in his dressing room.

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This is Teller (he long ago dispensed with his given name, Raymond) a prodigiously talented 62-year-old magician who is coming next week to London where he and his partner Penn Jillette, a 6ft 6in pony-tailed comedian seven years his junior, will perform for five nights at the Hammersmith Apollo.Teller turns silver coins into shimmering goldfish, causes a rose to shed its petals simply by snipping at its shadow, and strikes up a touching friendship with a red ball that leaps through a hoop, chases at his heels and springs to and fro like an overexcited spaniel.“Doing beautiful things is its own reward,” he says, when I ask what enjoyment he can still derive from a trick he has pulled off many thousands of times before.“This is going to sound horrible, but I don’t even know how much I make in a year,” says Penn, who lives in a huge eccentric house 10 miles into the Mojave desert, with his wife Emily and their two children Moxie Crimefighter, five, and Zolten Penn, four. “It must be, you know, a couple of million dollars, a few million.I know it’s more money than my dad, a jail guard, made in his lifetime; more money than I’ll ever need.” Penn and Teller’s act has little of the razzmatazz one associates with Vegas. Instead it is suffused with the kind of irony, scepticism and ephemeral beauty that you will struggle to find on a stage anywhere else in this town.

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