Who is shaquille dating

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We're told he reached out to Tamar recently and told her Herbert was cheating with Govan. Laura tells us this is completely false and is just a new way for Gilbert to attack her ... She also says Gilbert needs to stop spreading lies and focus on child support -- which she says he hasn't paid since September. Tamar says Vincent was arrested on Christmas due to alcohol and jealousy brought on by going through a rough divorce. HUGE legal victory for Shaq -- the lawsuit filed by an alleged ex-mistress who claimed the NBA star harassed her following their breakup has been dismissed ... As we reported, Vanessa Lopez filed her lawsuit against Shaq back in 2010 claiming she was his mistress for 5 years ...

Justin Bieber: "What do you get when you give a teenager two hundred million dollars?The couple's divorce was finalized on September 19. Shaquille O' Neal popped the question to his longtime girlfriend — on Instagram.In my mind, I never did it disrespectfully, but obviously I shouldn't have done it all." Despite their messy breakup -- Shaq's attorney even sent a letter to VH1 to prevent his ex-wife from discussing their relationship on "Basketball Wives" -- Shaq admits fault for the marriage's demise and says he learned a valuable lesson from their seven-year union. Earlier that month, Johnson reportedly head-butted his now-ex-wife during an argument.He writes: "You know as well as I do relationships are about maintaining... "Basketball Wives" star Lozada was hospitalized for a laceration on her head, and Johnson was arrested on misdemeanor domestic violence charges.

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