Who is zacky vengeance dating

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There's nothing to say that we couldn't release a song that belongs on 20 years into our career.

We want it to be an album that constantly grows with what we want to do, and that's what we did.

I don't listen to Poison so much now, all that stuff is really fun to listen to though.

Going back to '80s metal and arena-rock, all that stuff will always have a place in my heart.

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There was no intention of trying to sell these tracks and no intention of anything other than making people excited that this album was alive and that there was more to it so you could always revisit the album with new additions and new music to be heard.We feel like what we made at that point in time is what it is and we want it to be timeless and our fans to live with that album their entire life.This time around, we wanted to do something the complete opposite and something untouched by pretty other rock bands, apparently.It's a great tool and a great thing for music to be able to go to a site and instantly stream your favorite songs and albums.So naturally adding to the streaming services was our first intention.

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