Who was andy gibb dating when he died

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His widow refused to pay ransom demands of £400,000 because "Charlie would have thought it ridiculous." The body was found 11 weeks later.A Bulgarian Dissident Writer named Georgi Markov was waiting at a bus stop in London when he felt what he thought was a bug bite.The drink in question was actually Flavor Aid, not Kool-Aid.Prior to 1978, the National Weather Service only used female names for hurricanes because they were viewed by the all male staff as most appropriate for the unpredictable and dangerous storms.Three days later he died, having been shot in the leg with a sophisticated umbrella-gun loaded with a bullet containing ricin poison.Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols alluded to the sordid conduct by Jimmy Savile in a 1978 BBC Radio 1 interview. Jim Jones got 909 of his cult followers to commit suicide (including many children) by drinking poisoned Kool-Aid in his Jonestown commune.She contracted the deadly disease when a researcher at the laboratory where Parker worked accidentally released some virus into the building.Soviet Geologists found the Ly Kovs, a family of six, surviving in the middle of Siberia who hadn't seen another human since 1936.

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Toga" "Food Fight" - John Belushi as John "Bluto" Blutarsky, in National Lampoon's Animal House "We're From France" -The Coneheads, on Saturday Night Live "Heres to good friends." - Lowenbrau beer When songwriter Allee Willis heard Earth, Wind & Fire's lyrics for her song September, she was initially put off by meaningless 'ba-dee-ya's in the chorus.In Yukon, Canada a bulldozer uncovered buried reels of nitrate film during excavation of a landfill.About 500 old films dating from 1910 to 1921 have been uncovered.I'm a Kennedy", it was not until 2002 that he was convicted. The Canadian Museum of Nature fabricated a heist story to cover up the fact that they'd misplaced their Goodwill Moon Rock.The story was only given to one person- Jaymie Matthews, who'd delivered it 4 years earlier.

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