Windows 7 epg not updating

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Note: The instructions below assume that you have already registered an account with Ice TV and have selected which TV Guide region (EPG region) you would like to receive the Ice TV Guide data for.If you haven't done this or are unsure please go to My Account and select your region and time zone and then click "update".To set up the Ice TV Guide on your Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 Media Center, please follow the simple instructions below.

I took it to mean we will keep updating even if you are watching tv!

I thought it was supposed to update itself at 2am every day, maybe I missed a setting?

, just check in Next PVR to see if you have "update DVB EPG during Live TV" checked on the "Misc" Settings page, if you do, uncheck it.

You obviously need a version of Windows (7 or later) that has Windows Media Center Installed.

To check if your Windows version includes Media Center or has a download available see this Microsoft page.

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