Windows sidebar feeds not updating

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If you need alternative ways to slice your actions, you can now tag actions with free-form tags, and view all actions tagged with a particular tag on one page.This gives you another way to look at your data which works in parallel with the more traditional contexts and projects.

Starred actions can also be viewed on their own page, and can be used in whatever way you find most helpful.You can download a zipped file containing the latest stable version of Tracks by using the ‘Get Tracks’ button in the sidebar on the right of this page.If you’d like to get a development version, or contribute to the project, all the information you need is on the Development page. The name Tracks was suggested by Timothy Martens, and the tag-line ‘Doing Things Properly’ came from a comment by Pete here. Tracks is now developed by maintained by a team of contributors. The due date is displayed with a coloured background, depending on how far away the date is.If it’s due today, or overdue, the background is red.

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